New Room Names

New Room Names

Starting October 2019, we will be adding a new feature to our rooms. 

We have selected a number of islands located close to Manuel Antonio and others that are very known in Costa Rica so that we can name all the rooms in our hotel.

The idea of this new concept is for our visitors to enjoy the paintings located in each room that will be related to each island.

You will find more information in each room about the names of the islands. Here we offer a list of the new names based on the room number:


Apartment No.12 = Cocos Island
Apartment No. 11 = Damas Island
Apartment No. 1 = Serrucho Island
Room No. 7 =  Gemelas Islands
Room No. 7B =  Gemelas Islands
Room No. 3 =  Mogotes Islands
Room No. 5 = Punta Catedral
Room No. 5B = Bajo del Diablo Island

Room No. 2 = Caño Island
Room No. 6 = Acuario Islands
Room No. 6B = Acuario Islands
Room No. 10 = Larga Island
Room No. 8 = Tortuga Island
Room No. 9 = Olocuita Island
Room No. 4 = Chorro de Ballena Island
La Villa =  La Villa

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